"For the Lord God is a sun and shield; He bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold
from those whose walk is blameless."
Psalm 84:11

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Along came a spider...

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, if that's what you'd call it. In fact it's my least favorite. The only thing I enjoyed about it this year was the fact that I got to dress my handsome little man up in the cutest spider costume ever! (No, I'm not talking about Craig here!) I've come up with two lists. One includes the things I like about Halloween, the other includes the things that make it my least favorite!

3. Candy Corn
2. Halloween candy of all kinds!
1. Dressing Hutton up as a spider!!

(Notice two of those reasons include sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth!)

4. Scary movies. Can't stand them! Haven't watched one since high school!
3. Scary people. (All the crazies come out on Halloween!)
2. Trampy costumes. (I went to find a Halloween costume for a party we were attending, and all I could find for girls included the bare minimum in material!! I have no desire to be a sexy nurse, thank you.)
1. Dressing myself in costume!!

On Friday, my mommy group was having a family Halloween party. I was told that everyone was dressing up. I HATE dressing up! Usually I'm the one either not dressed up or in the LEAST creative costume there. So this year was another year I dreaded the ridiculous tradition. I went to Target and got Craig and I a couple of stupid wigs and decided I would at least dress up so I wasn't a complete party pooper. It was a Frankenstein's wife wig that ended up looking nothing like the picture. I put on some makeup and hopped in the car with my 80's rocker husband and my baby spider. After whining the whole way there about my "stupid" costume, we started walking towards one of our friends and heard him say, "Oh no!" Which I proceed to say, "OH NO!!" NONE of the adults had dressed up!!!! I was livid and insisted Craig take me home to change! I might have been a baby about it, but again, that's why I hate Halloween and I will never dress up again! Not only did we waste money, but we were "that" couple!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall is in the Air!!

Seriously, who doesn't love the season of Fall?? College football, amazing weather, the continuous color changing leaves...I mean it's like the perfect season! Hutton and I have been enjoying many walks outside trying to soak it all in before winter arrives! It will be here before we know it.

September and October were fun months full of travel and visitors, as always! That's the hardest part about being so far from family! You either have to go see them or they're coming to see you! Hutton was blessed to meet his Great Grandparents from Florida for the very first time! Great Granddaddy and Maggie drove all the way from St. Cloud, FL to meet that little handsome man and I do believe they were quite smitten! After that, Craig's parents made the trip from Amarillo, and believe me that is no easy drive! We were so blessed to get to spend a weekend with them! Craig and I were actually able to go out on a date!! Hutton loves time with Grandma and Grandpa!

For a special gift, Craig bought me tickets to go see Wicked here at the Orpheum in Memphis. We were having difficulty finding a sitter, so you better believe Nana came to the rescue!! She drove all the way from Pikeville just to sit with our little man so we could go to the show!! Let me make note that it was her BIRTHDAY!! Talk about selflessness!! Thanks Nana! We ALL love you dearly! And can I just say, Wicked is AMAZING!! It was such a creative storyline and we had an absolute blast!

I decided to follow Nana back to Pikeville to spend some time with my family. This was the first time that I have attempted to drive a significant distance with Hutton all by myself! IT WAS BRUTAL and I will probably not do it again for awhile! Mom and I thought it was a great idea to leave super early so he'd sleep most of the way. Boy did that backfire. We got up at 3:45am and he didn't go back to sleep and therefore overtired himself and screamed the whole way! Mom and I ended up switching cars halfway through because my head was about to explode! She said she spent most of the time singing the ABC's in every way possible! Needless to say, I split the drive up on the way back which was WAY better and allowed us to spend some time with Dodo and Rachel Webb! Yay! However, even though the drive there was rough, as we were a couple hours away from Pikeville, I received a call from Derek letting me know that he was going to propose to my sister Annie that day!!! That made the whole drive worthwhile! I was so grateful to be there with her right after her engagement! It was awesome and we are so excited to welcome Derek into the family! I have a new brother!! My dad is excited because the number of men in our family is gradually increasing! Haha! Can't wait for the next Hobbs wedding in July!

Hutton is growing so fast! While I was in Pikeville I was able to see Addison, my new baby cousin who is two weeks old! Let me just say that I realized how big my child was when I held that little 9lb princess! I was almost in tears when it hit me how fast time is flying! He is my little angel! It's incredible how we have the capacity to love something sooooo much! I love being able to stay home with him during this season and wouldn't trade it for anything! He's officially eating some solid foods, reaching for all kinds of stuff, and has rolled over twice now! He's so strong and happy! Definitely the biggest blessings in my life are my incredible husband and that beautiful baby boy! God is so good!