"For the Lord God is a sun and shield; He bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold
from those whose walk is blameless."
Psalm 84:11

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. Personality

The older Hutton gets, the more his personality is emerging...And boy is he full of personality!! Every morning when he wakes, immediately after I feed him we do a diaper change. I have never met a baby who absolutely LOVES having his diaper change! It never fails though, as I lay him on the changer, those big blue eyes light up and he gives a giant grin showing off those big gums of his! No matter what time it is, I laugh every single time! It absolutely warms my heart and nothing could bring me greater joy! His sweet giggles crack us up...they are frequent and adorable!

Right now we are working on implementing a daily schedule and it is actually working pretty well so far! He's not an early riser, most days, which is nice for mommy! He does have an early feed somewhere between 5:00am and 7:00am, but then goes back to sleep for 2-3 hours! Then it's feed, play for an hour, and take a nap for about an hour! We do that all day then when daddy comes home after work, we play some more, feed him around 7:00pm, bathe him, and put him down around 8:30pm. He typically wakes up one more time for a final feed around 10:30pm and then we ALL go to bed! Lately he's been making it through the night, but not always! I've just been blessed to have a few nights of 8 hours of sleep again!

Needless to say, we couldn't love this little guy more! We are so proud of his growth and development and love watching him change from day to day! Here are some more sweet pictures Mr. Hutton!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Growing, growing, growing!!

Today I took Hutton for his two month checkup...Yes he's 11 weeks so we're three weeks behind schedule! Apparently our boy is growing rapidly and is off the charts huge! He weighed in at 14.4 lbs which is the 93rd percentile. He measured at 42 head circumference which is the 97th percentile. Finally, he measured at 25 1/4 inches in height which is off the charts for his age!! The doctor said he could end up being 6'3 or taller! HAHA! I mean, I knew we had a big boy, but I had no idea! Dr. Hanson said he is very proportioned and not abnormally large, just a big boy! He was very impressed with Hutton's neck control and the ability to hold it up high when laying on his tummy! We're so proud!

Hutton also had three of his vaccines given today. It was so sad and made ME cry! He was laying on the exam table, laughing and talking, and as the nurse put the needle in his thigh, he jerked, looked at me, gave me the lip, and started screaming! It was terrible! (for me more than him!) He only cried for a few minutes, but the rest of the day has been clingy and whiny. So he and I have just cuddled all day long!

Here are some pictures of the third month for Mr. Hutton!

The Howard Family

We recently made a trip out to Amarillo to honor the passing of Craig's Grandpa Grady. Although the circumstances were not best, we had an incredible trip visiting with family. I met a lot of Craig's family that I had been hearing about for so long and could finally put names with faces! We had so much fun catching up and reminiscing about Grandpa Grady! We enjoyed some wonderful meals and just good ole quality time with one another! That's what Grady wanted. It was wonderful! I'm so blessed to be part of such sweet and loving family and look forward to the many more memories to come! Craig and I are excited to go back for Thanksgiving!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Vacation 2010

The Hobbs family has not gone on a vacation together in about 15 years! This year we were blessed to be able to break that streak and spend a quality week together down in Perdido Key, FL! It was an absolute blast! Daddy Jim was unable to be there due to the start of a new job, but he was deeply missed! He was so sad to miss it that he is already planning our vacation for 2011!

In addition to being Hutton's first trip to the beach, we celebrated his 2 month birthday while we were there! Can't believe it's been two months! Hutton LOVED the beach! First of all, there were rarely any moments where the child wasn't held! He was spoiled rotten by Nana and his three lovely aunts! So when there was an opportunity for him to be on his own, he conked out on the sand and slept under the tent! Due to the increased temperatures and heat index, Hutton spent the most of the week in the condo during the day! We did take him for a night swim in the condo's pool which he absolutely loved!

We enjoyed laying out at the beach/pool, trying some delicious local restaurants, and playing family games! Craig and Derek enjoyed two days out on the golf course as well. (They needed a break from all that estrogen!)

Here are a few pictures from our adventurous yet relaxing week!